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Once the carpet has come in, been acclimated and inspected, it can be installed. If there are other areas of renovation (ie painting, wallpaper, ceramic) the carpet installation should be the last thing to go in. We are very careful and considerate to the job site.
What to expect on the day of installation:
  • Most jobs take one day. Depending on the size of the job it could be a half day or several days. Every job is different and we go over the details and requirements before the day of installation.
  • We do not disconnect wires or computers or move breakables.
  • We are happy to move furniture at an additional charge although customers are welcome to move their own furniture ahead of time. We offer full service carpet rip and installation. Customers may opt to do their own rip, saving the customer money and the installer time, if done properly. A full rip includes removing all staples from the floor and cleaning up prior to the installation.
  • We bundle up the existing carpet and pad neatly for the customer’s refuse pickup. Some customers to prefer to schedule the carpet installation around their refuse pickup and we are happy to accommodate the request as best as we are able. Other arrangements can be made upon request.
  • Our team will assist and advise on the preparation needed to facilitate the customer’s individual job. (ie: We may ask that beds are unmade or small, low hanging closet items be moved.)
We take our time and do the job right.
After the installation:
Your carpet may experience a “breaking in” over the first few months.
  • New carpet smell will dissipate.
  • Blossoming of the carpet fibers may cause a fuller appearance as air gets to them after it has been installed.
  • Shedding of loose fibers is normal but will subside with regular vacuuming. (wools will shed for the life of the carpet but will be more apparent in the first few months)
  • A single tuft may sprout up above the surface of the rest of the carpet. It may be trimmed but do not pull it.
We guarantee our work and if there is ever an issue, please contact us.
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