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Come in and see our showroom selections. We focus on carpets and rugs versus other hard surface flooring options. This allows us to explore and provide a deeper range of product, appropriate for rental properties all the way up to million dollar mansions. Although selecting one out of a thousand samples seems like a daunting task, we try to avoid overwhelming our customers by asking the right questions and omitting impractical options early on. Samples from our showroom are all available for short term loan at no charge. The lighting in the client’s home or business is different than ours and the surroundings have bearing over the carpet appearance in the space. For this reason, we do recommend borrowing samples to take home. The size of the sample can range from a swatch to a 27”x18” piece. We also can order swatches to be sent straight to the client, usually at no charge.
Helpful Tips:
  • Coming in with a paint swatch, fabric, wallpaper, etc or even an image of the space can help while narrowing the selection in the showroom.
  • Carpets and Rugs appear lighter in a larger expanse. Erring a shade darker than what you think you want is good rule to start with.
  • Put the sample on the floor as it would be seen in the room and take a step back several feet. This will give a better idea of how the tone of the carpet will appear in the room. It is important not to be directly on top of the sample while making your judgement as that will not be your main view once the finished product is in the space.
  • Look with lights on and off, day and night for a fair gauge of color. We advise putting the sample(s) down in the room for a couple days and see what you think of them while sitting in the room, walking by, etc.
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